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I’ve moved my site to  You are welcome to check it out.

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Flies page

I’ve created a page with all the flies that I blog about and links to corresponding post. Take a look  here

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imageBrassie with a peacock collar

This one I tried last night. It is really simple.

First you tie your thread at the eye of the hook, stop at ca. 1/4 of the hook length and then add the copper wire on the side of the fly.
Tie the copper down in closed turns all the way until you are in line with the barb. Then move the thread forward in closed turns, stop when about 10-15% of the hook is left.
Now in closed turns tie the copper wire all the way up to the 15% mark, tie it down and get rid of the extra wire.
Next add the peacock herl or dubbing at the 15% mark and make a few turns. Make sure to cover the end of the wire. Finally at the eye of the hook, tie down the herl/dubbing and finish the fly.

Hook: 12-16 wet fly or gruber
Thread: Black
Body: Thin or medium copper wire
Collar: Peacock herl or any type of dubbing

I’ve seen this one with black dubbing but I reccomend trying various versions of collar. The trout really likes sharp changes in color.

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Great videos and articles

Here are some videos and articles I used to learn the basics in fly tying.

David Cammiss’s videos show extremely well how to start fly tying. I used this site a lot when I was starting out.  Here are the Beginner lessons.
He also has some intermediate lessons
I really like the Green beast and The Wolley Bugger.
The links show the last page for each section so you need to press the Previous articles link to get more videos.

Fly Angler’s OnLine is another great site to learn fly tying

If you speak Icelandic you would really love It covers fly fishing in icelandic lakes and rivers.  This site also has some articles that cover the behavior of the trout in stream and lakes.  The Flugur section of the site covers flies that work in Icelandic waters and often where they have worked and at what time.  Some of them also have links to YouTube videos for how to tie that particular fly.  If you don’t know Icelandic, I can translate the articles if you like, just send me a message.

I have a playlist on YouTube that contains the Fly tying videos that I have found on YouTube.  I’ll add some more when I find something interesting.

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A few tips

Here are a few tips that I’ve picked up through the years.

  • Don’t hang on to the same fly for a long time if you are not catching any fish.
  • When fishin in lakes the fish is usually about 0-1,5 meters below the surface or 0-1,5 meters from the bottom.
  • The trout owns his territory in the water and fends of all rivals.  If you catch a trout, I’m almost sure you can catch another trout in the same spot after about 30-60 minutes.
  • If you get a knot on the leader, don’t loosen it if it is tight, it will weaken the leader
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A little update on previous posts

I’ve been updating some of my older posts to add more information to each fly.  I’ll continue this work and constantly add more meat to the bones.

The flies that I updated today were
Phesant Tail
Wooly Bugger

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Midge_black Midge

My wife does a bit of embroidery and I get the leftover thread when she is finished.

I decided to take on the midge fly and I was amazed how easy it was.


Hook: #10-16
Thread: 6/0 Matching the embroidery color
Body/Head: Embroidery thread
Ribs: Flat silver tinsel / Silver wire

Start by laying down 2 layers of thread.  Then fasten the flat silver tinsel /silver wire and finally fasten the Embroidery thread. In closed turns move the embroidery thread towards the head.  When at the base of the head stop and in even open turns tie in the silver thread/wire up to the head.  Finish by creating the head.

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Buzzer Buzzer_BlackBloodworm

The buzzer imitates the pupa stage of the gnat.

The Buzzer is a really simple fly to tie and a really good fly to practise flytying on. Usually it is black with cheeks but my version has no cheeks only red/orange/black thread, thin wire and lots of head cement.

Hook: 8-20 Grubber/Wetfly
Thread: 6/0 Whatever color you like, I use Red/Black/Orange
Ribs: Thin wire
Cheeks: Tinsel or Biots (you can skip this)

When you tie this fly start by creating a single layer of thread from the head to the back of the fly in closed turns.  Then add the wire and create another layer of thread towards the head in closed turns, leave about one fifth out for the head.  Don’t create the head yet. Wrap the wire in open turns and stop when you have reached the head area of the fly.  Then form the head of the fly and finish off by coating the fly with head cement.  I usually use 2 layers of head cement.


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Ant_Black_Red Ant_black

My next experiment is tying an ant pattern. This pattern is really simple and it only takes a few minutes to tie.

Hook: 12-18 wetfly/16-20 dryfly
Thread: 6/0 black
Black hackle feather for feet
Lead to make it heavier (optional)

Start by creating the back hump of the ant and then add the hackle feather. Lastly tie the front hump. Use clear head cement to coat the entire body.

If you want to make it heavier then start with the lead and shape it so it is hidden under the humps.

You could also tie it as a dryfly but remember not to use lead 🙂

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Really popular fly in Iceland and works really well.  Almost all fishermen have this fly in their box while fishing in Iceland.

I’ve seen many versions of this fly, with bead and without.  I usually tie it with a gold bead and without a bead in sizes 8 to 14.  It is sometimes made heavier with a little bit of led or tungsten.

Hook: 8-14 streamer or gruber
Thread: Black 6/0
Head: Bead gold/silver/steel or none
Body: Peacock herl
Collar/Tail: Red/orange/pink floss or thread


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